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So you can have the relationships and success you deserve.

The thing I am seeing most needed right now as the effects of the Pandemic roll on is community support.

Meaningful face to face connection with like minded people who share the desire to grow and to be seen and supported being their best selves.

And feel inspired being a part of others’ successes as well!

To satisfy this need and to help you get in touch with the extraordinary connection to the Divine and manifesting energy present right now, I am forming small manifesting coaching groups.

Each group will consist of only 8 members, and the focus will be on helping you use the tools you have learned to continue to align on a daily basis with what you desire, so you can more easily satisfy your goals AND enjoy your every day life in the process of achieving them!

Each month you will receive manifesting cheerleading, guidance and support via :

1 Hour 45 Minute Group Manifesting Coaching Session in which I will:
  • Share how to better navigate seasonal, media or astrological energies present at the time,
  • Coach each person on how to capitalize on a win, overcome an upset, and take inspired action toward achieving what you desire.
  • Lead the group through an energy upgrade exercise designed to reprogram limiting beliefs and re-align you with your manifesting goals.
A meeting with your partner two weeks after the group monthly call in which you will:
  • Discuss a series of questions designed to help you stay committed to your daily manifesting and monthly action plan.
  • Connect with and feel supported by like minded women who share your passion for growth. (We will rotate partners each month, so you get to know as many of the women in the group as possible)

I know who you are.

I have heard your struggles and your dreams.

I have seen you overcome personal obstacles, and I know you have the power to manifest what you desire.

I want to help you feel this and live this on a day to day basis.

This is your chance to get personal laser coaching from Lara and support from likeminded, growth driven women who, like you, are passionate about overcoming blocks and manifesting fulfilling lives!

Masterminds like these have a tendency to range from $500-$1000 a month.



The commitment is for 3 months with a chance to renew after 3 months if the group is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the group.

Because of the Pandemic, I am offering additional discounts for those that need it right now. No matter how much you pay, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that people are honest and will purchase at the level they can afford.

$147 per month, $179 per month, or $197 per month


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Supportive groups are often about chemistry. 

Knowing a little bit about you, your history, and your goals will help me create groups with like-minded people who jive well together.
The groups are first come, first serve. When I receive your answers, I will read them within a day and get back with a class option if it looks like this is a good fit.
Limited space available 

8 people per session

Next Group Dates:
Tuesdays from 8:00 - 10:00 pm EST
December 15th, 2020
January 12th, 2021
February 9th, 2021

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