Energy work has given me everything I needed and wanted, from...

  • healing my chronic fatigue to

  • clearing my block to marriage,

  • creating a successful business that fills my heart with joy because of the gratification of helping so many people, and

  • the gift of getting pregnant naturally at 45

If you have had trouble manifesting what you want, money, love or success, there is likely a Subconscious Fear of having what is wanted.

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This is the real reason why you are:

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Chronically struggling with the same business or career problems

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Chronically single

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Chronically drained, unable to set aside time to take care of self

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Chronically anxious

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Chronically unable to make decisions to support success

We hold old emotional and energetic patterns in our bodies and psyches that could have us repeating parental or ancestral blocks to success and happiness without even knowing it! 

Don’t’s not your fault. Your mind and body are designed to protect you, so this is an evolutionary process that is natural and often, unconscious. 

to change any undesirable circumstances and achieve happiness

Imagine being able to clear fear, anxiety, and any upsetting emotion whenever it comes up in your own life…

Life’s possibilities suddenly become endless.

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My experiences with Lara and her energy clearing work have been absolutely astonishing. Her intuitive nature combined with get to the bottom of it professionalism, have yielded life-changing results not only for me, but for those I have sent her way. 
One session can shift years of heaviness, and clear things that have been blocking you for decades. She was also able to identify energy that needed to be cleared from my new apartment, and did so without setting foot in the place. 
I am grateful for her work, but most grateful for my initial visit which made me seek her while my estranged mother was dying of cancer. A lifetime of unresolved pain and a terrible relationship had never been healed, and now my mother's terms to allow me to see her were that "I never bring up the past" I would have to heal on my own trauma without closure. I wasn't sure how I could do that. Two sessions with Lara and it was cleared. I went to visit my mother with a light heart, release, and forgiveness, and was able to say goodbye. 
 I am eternally grateful for her work, and I have sent the people I love most to her. She is a true healer.”

Michelle Manning Barish

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I had been in therapy, taken many courses on love, but something was still not right. I kept attracting the same non-committal men. Many women have come to me in this state saying,

“What gives? For crying out loud, what do I need to do to find love?”

While others have come to me asking.

“Why does it feel so hard to get noticed and to get ahead? 

What more do I need to do to be appreciated here? (At work or home)

What I have found for myself and for my clients is that it wasn’t something that could be talked or written out. For us, these blocks to love, appreciation and success had to be felt out, and energetically released from the body.

And this is where this class is different. If life seems harder than it should be and you are having trouble-

  • Feeling seen, heard and appreciated at work or home
  • Getting your own business going 
  • Asking your clients for that rate increase or that raise at work
  • Getting out into the dating world and finding your mate

There is most likely an emotional energy block to having what you want. 

Ever worry that you will become like your parents?

You hold old emotional and energetic patterns in your body and psyche that could have you repeating parental or ancestral blocks to love and happiness without you even knowing it!

When I discovered through energy work that I had a fear of trusting men, despite having been in several long- term relationships, I told my mom about it. She shared, “Well, do you remember what you told me when you were 5 years old? When I asked you if you were going to get married, you said, ‘Yes, I am going to get married, but I will always have my own money.’ At 5 you said this to me!”

When I was 5, I saw my mom feeling trapped at home in her marriage, and I made a subconscious note to self to never let that happen to me, at 5! Your subconscious brain is fully formed by 6, so that belief stayed with me despite the fact that she went to therapy, back to work and found her power and joy in her relationship with my dad again. 

Your body and brain remembered the emotions, tone, words, smell and sounds associated with stressful events from your past, so you would be better prepared for your future. When you got burned as a kid, you learned fast that stoves are hot and NOT to be touched.

But you also may have learned that…

  • Men aren’t to be trusted, If you saw your mom unhappy in her marriage- causing you to attract unavailable men.
  • When you were upset and mom gave you candy or ice cream, and you felt better, you may have learned that -Sugar gives you emotional comfort verses care or love. So, you may turn to food when you are upset verses being able to comfort yourself emotionally and to ask for what you need in your relationships.
  • If you saw mom or dad struggling and you took it upon yourself to take care of them or cheer them up, you may have learned to subjugate and sacrifice your own needs in both personal and work relationships, leaving you drained and resentful.

It’s not your parents fault. It’s stressful raising kids, and while it doesn’t make it right, they did the best they could. You have no idea what unresolved emotions or circumstances they could have been dealing with at the time.

There could have been trauma in your family’s past that your parents unconsciously could have been struggling to manage. For example, any family who was in any way affected by WWII or who came to America from another country to create a better life, was leaving their home most likely to escape something not so good.

The good news is each generation makes an effort to heal what came before, and if you are reading this, you now have an opportunity to better understand and to resolve any energy or emotional patterns that you learned from your parents or are carrying from your ancestors that are keeping you from having fulfilling love or success in your life.

In this class, we are going to uncover and to heal emotional and energetic blocks to love and success which could be coming from your:

  • childhood
  • your parents
  • your ancestors

You see, there could be unconscious fears or limiting beliefs in one or all of these areas keeping you from having the love and success you deserve. 

Every moment your body and psyche are reacting to your world. Your choices or rote reactions determine how you feel, how you look and how people react to you, which can make the difference between someone wanting to:

  • Date or marry you
  • Do business with you or promote you 
  • Listen to you
  • Walk away

We hold our issues in our tissues. Fears/issues from the past can hang out in our tissues and resurface as a habituated reaction when we are growing and actualizing our desires. Our bodies remember and try to avoid pain from the past to keep us safe and to protect the status quo.

Want to discover and to clear the issues you are holding in your tissues that are keeping you stuck?

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As promised, you can download and keep the video of the powerful exercise from the masterclass for yourself, HERE. The tools I use in this exercise are a general example of a few of the clearing techniques I will be teaching in the program.

In addition to these, in the program you will also learn how to muscle test yourself to determine the exact emotional block, limiting belief that could be making you anxious and blocking you from taking the action to get what you want.

This program is designed with you in mind

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Designed to be easy, interactive, and rewarding.

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It’s learning through experiencing the effects of the work a little bit every day.

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No extensive reading or studying is necessary. Because who has time?

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You can’t get all that I am teaching in this program anywhere else.

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The Freedom Formula is a seven month interactive group coaching experience that takes you step-by-step through learning how to use these fear cleaning exercises in your every day life.

  • Quick and easy exercises to do in the moment to release obsessive emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, any upsetting feeling that get in your way of taking action on what you want.
  • The ability to muscle test yourself and identify the specific emotion and limiting belief that are making you feel bad and stuck and the best exercise to release it, so you're free to understand what you want and, and how you can move forward versus being thwarted by your circumstances
  • A vision board blueprint of what's possible for you. And you will have learned the secret to effectively using the law of attraction to draw what desire into your life.
  • The freedom that comes with releasing your pre-programmed, knee-jerk, habitual patterns and clearing the issues in your tissues that have caused your body to betray you when you want to flirt, ask for what you need, or take action to fulfill your dreams.
  • The rest and peace you have been craving with the improved sleep you can get from releasing emotional stress on a daily basis.
  • A renewed sense of energy and ease that can come with releasing emotional stress and resistance.
  • Protection from negative energy in your life and the ability to clear negative or heavy energy from both your body and your living space.
  • A healthy new perspective on power dynamics which supports your ability to set boundaries, make choices and speak up for yourself in situations where you are dealing with authority so you can feel more safe and free.
  • A powerful perspective shift on how to relate powerfully with your parents, so you can fully receive your life force and leave what doesn’t serve you with them.
  • A private session with Lara to address any unresolved familial trauma or ancestral breaks in bonds.
  • Your body and brain will get  comfortable with the idea of having what you want so you can feel comfortable receiving it in your life.
  • The heart felt understanding that you do not need to do anything to feel loved and valued. You can simply be yourself and see your impact in the world.

Your entire life can be upleveled by what you learn and reimagine about yourself in the next 7 months.

And because you have lifetime access to the entire curriculum, you can refer to it over and over. These transformative tools and resources are yours to keep forever.


Here’s What's included in

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A 7-month intimate, interactive group coaching experience that takes you step by step through the exercises and process to help you get life altering results

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6 Comprehensive Modules

of of life-changing material including learning the life altering skill of how to muscle test yourself for specific emotions and limiting beliefs and the best exercise to release and free yourself from these.

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7 Months of Coaching

including a monthly Q and A and a FB Group providing day to day cheerleading and support.

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A private one-on-one session with Lara

where you will look at any issues that could be affecting your ability to manifest both love and success.

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10 Quick and Effective Exercises To help you...

calm upset and reprogram your own limiting beliefs so you can benefit as you learn!

Here’s The Curriculum
and the Bonuses
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Energy Hack Library

Access to my Energy Hack Library of over 50 energy balancing and stress relieving exercises
(VALUE: $997)

Essential Oils

High Quality Essential Oils

A curated box of high quality Essential Oils specifically selected by Lara to complement and enhance your Freedom Unlimited experience.  These are the same oils that Lara uses in her private practice on a daily basis.
(VALUE: $125)
If you live outside the US, additional shipping fees may apply

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Create Your New Life Vision

I can’t wait to share a client favorite with you - My Unique Vision Board Process!!!

My clients LOVE this process because it is one of the few times in their lives that they take the time to let their Heart and Soul share deep, often unrecognized, desires. My unique processes bypasses your brain and invites your gut and emotions to take over, so you choose images that represent your inner most longings verses previously manufactured expectations about what you “should’ want. You will bring your completed board to our first class.

This Masterclass helps you harness the power of The Law of Attraction by coaching you through creating a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience of your goals being fulfilled. It is a client favorite, and will teach you not only this valuable skill and the most effective way to teach it, but also help you create a vision for your own future and help you start start your own manifesting process by helping you get comfortable having what you desire.

An Online Show and Celebrate Your Vision Zoom Video Call to give you accountability for finishing your board, add manifesting power to your vision and answer any of your questions about my Unique Vision Board Process.


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2 Post Course Integration / Strategy Sessions

You'll get two 90 Minute Group Video Calls, Brady Bunch Style, so I can read your energy and connect directly with each one of you as we strategize how to incorporate your new sense of self and skills into your life.
(Value: $375)

It took me more than 5 years of my life and cost $50,000 to learn the most essential aspects of these energy medicine and psychology techniques for clearing emotional blocks and habitual patterns. 

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incredible transformation at an accessible price

People pay thousands of dollars to work with Lara in-person, but you won’t have to spend anywhere near as much.

Lara has packed everything she’s studied, tested, and learned about the transformational power into this 7 month intensive coaching program. Every tool, every strategy, and the words you need to finally create the EPIC love and life you want is in here.


$1100 USD

(Payment plan available)

  • 6 Modules of Life Changing Material
  • 7 months of coaching including a monthly Q&A and a FB Group providing day to day cheerleading and support.
  • A private online one-on-one session with Lara
  • 10 Quick and effective exercises to help you calm upset and reprogram your own limiting beliefs so you can benefit from the material as you learn how to do it!

That’s an incredible offer to learn from one of the most engaged, powerful teachers and thought leaders of our generation. 

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I also offer a money back guarantee. If the program does not seem like a fit for you, by the start of MONTH 3, I am happy to give you a full refund.

So why am I committed to giving you all of this value?

Unmanaged emotions

The results of this work cannot be denied (and you can read more about those right here). What I know after 15 years of practice is that the truth is that emotional suffering is an option.

A single upgrade of a limiting belief can erase years of feeling stuck and give you what you know on some level you deserve.

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…never being disabled by anxiety, depression, overwhelm or fear again.

… feeling confident and excited to do things you have wanted to do but been afraid to try.

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Is The Freedom Formula right for you? 

It may not be. It’s all about fit.

This program is experiential, and interactive, designed to help you physically, and energetically release your blocks, so you can have the relationships and success you have been craving.

Before using energy work, I had been in therapy for 10 years and taken many courses on love. I began exploring my blocks to love and healing them in the Winter of 2011, met my husband in Nov of that same year. We moved in together in Nov 2012; got engaged March 2013; were married Feb 22nd, 2014 and have a baby on the way!

My husband is nothing I ever expected and everything I always dreamed. And, I credit this work to our being together.

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One payment

  • 6 Modules of Life Changing Material
  • 7 months of coaching including a monthly Q&A and a FB Group providing day to day cheerleading and support.
  • A private online one-on-one session with Lara
  • 10 Quick and effective exercises to help you calm upset and reprogram your own limiting beliefs so you can benefit from the material as you learn how to do it!
+ EXCLUSIVE BONUS For Pay-In-Full members only
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$159 today

then 7 monthly payments of $159

  • 6 Modules of Life Changing Material
  • 7 months of coaching including a monthly Q&A and a FB Group providing day to day cheerleading and support.
  • A private online one-on-one session with Lara
  • 10 Quick and effective exercises to help you calm upset and reprogram your own limiting beliefs so you can benefit from the material as you learn how to do it!


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