A Big Beautiful Breakthrough Holiday Edition!

How To Avoid Conflict
And Actually Enjoy Your Family
During The Holidays
Coaching Class Replay


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3:44: Get present to what you are actually feeling and the emotions you may not realize you are bringing into your holiday.
20:20: Do an anxiety and fear releasing exercise to help you acknowledge your power as an adult to make choices which honor your heart verses being reactive to childhood
40:30: Look at strategies for bonding with your family over the holiday in ways that please you.

51:28: Discuss an effective way to set boundaries with love and kindness that is even effective for narcissists ;)

Here are the three steps. I show an example in this part of the class:

  1. Appreciate the other’s point of view or effort.
  2. State the boundary in a loving way.
  3. Thank the person for understanding.

55:13: Tapping away fear of criticism around setting boundaries.

58:35: Coached two people and did exercises to help you own your power around your family.

1:25:43: Shared a couple ways you can work with me in 2022. Imagine having these tools at your fingertips and being able to clear fear or anxiety whenever they came up?— you would be unstoppable!

1:31:56: Shared an exercise to help you create more harmony between you and your family.