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"The program really helped me get excited about my dreams and goals, and gave me a format to put them all down on a board I can feel into every day.
Lara helped me structure little action steps to complete every day that are totally doable. She just knows what you need to do and when/how you should do it. She is an angel. Highly recommend!

In this 6 week course, you'll be invited to go on a first-of-it's-kind, immersive vision board experience.

Using my signature "emotions-fueled" manifestation process, you'll be diving into the power of visual, kinesthetic, emotional, and auditory senses to manifest your heart’s desire.

I'm not going to beat around the bush...

You're here because you want to attract your heart’s desire.. 

An open floor plan house on the hill with with a stunning view that fills your heart with joy

Or a dreamy career that offers a huuuge pile of fulfillment with a heaping side of work-life-balance (minus the soul-crushing boss)…

Or the relationship where you feel truly seen, valued, and cherished…

You want it all. 

And that's good, because believe it or not…

You can have a lot more than you think is possible. 

But you probably don't believe that yet. 

And that's because you've likely been stuck in a never-ending cycle of climbing one hill…only to realize you’re not exactly as happy as you thought you would be….and you’ve got another mountain to climb…

And worse…because you’re in constant pursuit of “The Thing” you think you want….

You’re simply not enjoying the journey anymore. 

And it's not that you haven't tried muscling your way through to your goals…

But it feels like no matter what you do…

You're unable to make your desires a reality.

And deeeeeeep down…you're a little bit scared that you won't be able to make your dreams come true. 

Maybe it's less disappointing if you just stop trying. 

Here's the truth…

The effort you are putting in is only one half of the equation (and it’s the weakest part if don’t have the other half). 

But let me first explain what so many of my clients experience…

It's called…

And it looks like this: 

  • Jan 1 = hope and excitement
  • Feb 15th =disappointment and frustration. 


Well, here's how it goes…

You start off the New Year with resolutions feeling excited and hopeful.

Jazzed about the new workout so you can feel that fit version of yourself again…

Emboldened to set boundaries with your boss to create work-life balance… 
Inspired to cook the healthy recipes in your new cookbook you got for Christmas…

Oh the inspiration and joy!

But then…reality sets in.

And by Mid Feb or March

You feel like you’re already failing at what you started out to do in January….

Or you’ve made no headway at all on what you told yourself you would do.

One thing or another takes precedence:

  • Bills 
  • Demanding emails 
  • Family pressures
  • And the dreaded “what's for dinner?” question, every night. 

At this point… life starts to look and feel a bit more bleak. Meh. Hum drum.

Feelings of disbelief, anxiety, and fear emerge, with the thought: what if I stay stuck in this place forever?!!?

This, my friend, is the Fantasy Fizzle

Where you trade your feelings of inspiration, excitement and anticipation….with anxiety, worry, dread, fear, anger, doubt, and jealousy. 

And BAM….your desires, which seemed in reach, slipped away again, disappeared — Poof! — Gone.  

Well, maybe you've heard all of this before and think: 

"But I've tried to think positive and be optimistic, but I just can't maintain it."

 That’s because on some level you don’t quite think what you desire is possible.

The truth is…what you want is unfamiliar and threatening to your status quo, so taking action steps to make it happen can feel like that dreaded uphill climb….

And having the resolve and will power to do things that are unfamiliar takes a lot of extra effort and energy.

"Thinking positive" doesn’t sustain you. 

Let me be clear:

Not utilizing the power of feelings is like trying to reach the stars with a ladder instead of a rocketship. 

This is what has been missing from your arsenal of "personal development tools". 


The next question becomes…..

"But how do I embody the right feelings to get the life I desire?"  

How do I feel like someone who already has the house, the job, or the relationship of their dreams, when my day is filled with deadlines, stress and chaos?


That's why I created a totally different, revolutionary vision board adventure. 

(Yes, adventure!) 

Because you're invited  to go on a first-of-its-kind, multi-sensory, immersive vision board experience with me. 

We'll be using my signature "emotions-fueled" manifestation process…

Where you'll be diving into the power of visual, kinesthetic, emotional, and auditory senses to manifest what you have wanted. 

Vicki L. Saleni
New York City

"I approached the vision board workshop with top goals for the year and to-do lists - like a typical Type A New Yorker.

What unraveled during the day and on my board was quite the opposite – a calm sense of being instead of doing. Lara really does have the magic touch! Her guidance & the questions she asked us and the workshop part were both valuable and meaningful. I would highly recommend this program! 


for women who are ready to uncover their desires, intentionally design an incredible life, and call forth what they want most in 2023

Yes, Universe! I’m ready to have my mind blown! I’m Ready To Join The Vision Board Adventure

1. Uncover Your True, Authentic Desires.

The first step to becoming a powerful manifester is to learn how to reveal what you never knew you wanted…and then make it yours. Here you will learn my signature approach that quickly uncovers your hidden desires deep within your subconscious mind.

2. Feel Like A Powerful Manifester.

Create an emotional bond with your vision board…and watch what happens! Learning how to harness and sustain the emotions needed to attract your desires is the secret ingredient to manifesting your dreams.

3. Get Visual, Audial, And Physical With It.

In a one-of-a-kind adventure, you'll learn how to use your senses to supercharge your manifestation process.

4. Release Blocks, Fast.

You’ll learn my most powerful tools for releasing physical and emotional blocks that are preventing you from realizing your vision.

Jillian Maslow

"When I imagined what a vision board workshop would be like I imagined that it would be a rather straight forward activity – gluing photos of things that I like on paper. But once [Lara] helped us to understand our vision boards on a deeper, more personal level (on an energetic level), a beautiful sense of self-awareness and personal power began to develop. I experienced a stunning evolution of emotions starting out as skeptical moving towards productive to stressed (only slightly), to accomplished and then to deeply inspired. I remain in a place of inspiration…I highly recommend Lara’s vision board workshop!”


Learn How to Release Blocks and Resistance

Learn how to become more aware of what you are feeling and what it means you need.

Practice quick and easy exercises, which free you from anxiety, grief, anger, doubt, guilt, or any other upsets.

Surrendered Vision Mapping

Discover How To Uncover Authentic, Subconscious Desires.

Unlike other vision board techniques that ask you to set goals then pick images to represent them. …with my one-of-a-kind “Surrendered Vision Mapping” technique, you'll curate images that spontaneously resonate with your heart and gut. It's a powerful micro shift that makes all the difference.

Emotional Bond Worksheet

Learn how to Conjure Emotions to Harness Desires.

This exercise will help you to tap into the mega-power of your feelings and emotions to draw in new opportunities effortlessly! This is the secret to attracting your epic reality to you faster than you ever thought possible.

Your Life Deserves A Movie Title and Theme Song.

This is where we take the fun and whimsy up a notch! (Because fun and play are Super Attractor emotions!)

By using my My Year of Statement and Song formula, you'll pick Power Words that describe your desires and new reality you wish to create….and turn it into a movie title for your year. Then, you'll pick a themed song to rev up the excitement, confidence, and anticipation (more Super Attractor emotions!) so you're in a state of inspiration daily.

Seven Feel Good Statements

Time To Set Goals From a Place of Having

You'll learn a brand new, revolutionary way to set goals…not from a place of "striving" but from a place of "having". This critical difference will turn your goal setting practice on its head, and allow you to turn on your manifesting powers.

Feeling Connected to your Intuition and Spiritual Guidance Needs-And-Action Calendar System

Learn How To Regularly Pencil In "Success" Into Your Calendar While Balancing Self Care Needs.

For all my Type A-ers out there---finally, the planning and organizing section of manifesting. You'll create a checklist that will contain a perfect balance of your self-care needs and the daily/weekly action steps you're taking towards your new reality. This is how you'll plan for your desires and success and make it a part of your daily routine.


Within 14 days of the course starting, you can ‘test-drive’ Bring Your Vision To Life. If after completing Modules 1 and 2 you aren’t satisfied with the program, simply send us an email along with proof of your completed homework and exercises, and we will refund your tuition to the program. That’s just the right thing to do.



  • 6 Video Modules
  • 3 Energy Exercises
  • 3 Emotional Guidance Worksheets
  • 6 LIVE Q&A Livestreams
  • Access to a members-only Private Community
  • Lifetime Access and a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Lara’s Releasing Obsessive Emotions Guide
  • Lara’s Inner Wisdom Chakra Meditation



$67/m (USD)



$187 (USD)

Suzanne Jordan
New York

"I am writing this to encourage anyone who wants to improve their current situation to run…don’t walk to sign up. I am soooooooo very happy I did!

First let me say, Lara’s positive knowingness of how to change your energy in itself is comforting for anyone…like myself wanting to move on and up in life but was stuck in fearful emotions…couldn’t get out of my own energy! However, once Lara guided us through that and forward with the techniques, I could feel a shift in my own energy.

Still a little skeptical that I could carry on with this feeling on my own at home, I took a leap of faith and simply did what she showed us to do in this program. Since then, I have had seen a lot of success in my work - which i was previously worried about. I feel better about my situation…like I can shift things into my path to improve.

Don’t hesitate to take this class whether you are looking for something new or want to improve what you have, Lara will teach you how to increase your dreams!

A business owner, mother, empath, healer, and Certified Energy Coach.

Life is moving faster and faster, isn’t it?

Ever feel like you’re getting left behind, stuck in the same place you’ve always been?

Most of us don’t take the time to understand how our feelings, physically or emotionally, affect what we can claim in this life as ours.

In fact, it wasn’t until I experienced chronic fatigue, that I explored the whole “brain, body, and nervous system, connection”. That’s when I discovered Energy Medicine Exercises– and it gave me my full energy back in just two months.

And it led me on a 10 year journey exploring all the far reaching implications and applications of this mind-body connection…

How healing your soul and calming the roller-coaster of unregulated and unexplored emotions can help you:

  • Relax in previously uncomfortable situations
  • Sleep better
  • Have more energy
  • Improve all of your relationships


It can also create an incredible outer world that includes your deepest heart’s desires.

This is why I created a completely different way to plan, desire, goal set, and create a powerful vision board (not one that will sit in the corner of your bedroom collecting dust).

It’s my hope that more women step into a powerful creator mode, uncover their most authentic desires, and manifest their wildest dreams.


Lara Riggio’s Central Park Energy Center is located in the heart of New York City at the base of the park. Her approach to energy work is very New York--realistic and results oriented. She has helped tens of thousands alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, fatigue and the limiting emotional patterns and beliefs that can sabotage relationships and career success in her sessions, classes and online videos. She has been featured in HuffPost, MindBodyGreen and Prevention, and on CW11’s Morning Show, NY 1 and Fox News.

A 6-week program to finally understand your emotions and YES! Master them so they inform your growth instead of blocking it.
I've taken everything I've learned from over 15 years of client practice and created an interactive course to teach you how to feel more connected, secure, and comfortable throughout each day and for the rest of your life.

Here's What You Can Expect After You Take

  • A Rock solid faith in your ability to have your dreams fulfilled -- this means, each new year, you'll know exactly what to do to reach new and exciting goals.

  • Tools to release fear, anxiety and worry in the moment-- instantly removing the roadblock to your desires.

  • Crystal clear clarity on your true, authentic desires (no more trying to achieve what you think you should be achieving).

  • An inspired actionable roadmap towards your desired future.

  • Sustained motivation and inspiration that lasts, pushes you past your fears, and carries you through even the hard tasks of achieving your goals.

  • And the ability to turn on your Super Manifestor Magnet whenever you want to call to you your strongest desires.

Have questions?

The people who see the biggest results usually do.

What makes
Bring Your Vision To Life
so different?


This course is designed with a busy lifestyle in mind. Clients report immediate tension and emotional relief from the exercises you do daily in the course. When you can feel the rewards of doing “the work” you are motivated to continue to do it. With quick and impactful exercises spread throughout your day, this course helps you feel the difference you are already making in your life as you move through the course.


While other courses may "explain" a lot of amazing things, unless you are able to actually “do” what you have learned without too much emotional resistance, you are likely to stay stuck. This is not a “think positive” approach.  You cannot “think” or rationalize these physical reactions to stress away. It’s impossible, that’s why it’s so difficult to change. The quick and emotionally freeing exercises in EM help you physically retrain your response to stress. The same way you can train to run a race, you can train your body and brain a little bit every day to feel more confident and at ease speaking your truth and following your heart’s desires.


Lara’s results driven approach to energy work demonstrates her commitment to making a difference in your life. Before and after every exercise, Lara asks you to rate how you feel. Each week, you will be asked to answer a series of questions to help you determine how you are practically using all you are learning to help stay accountable to your commitment to yourself and stay engaged with your growth process.



$67 (USD)



$187 (USD)



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